The SHRM India Knowledge Center

The SHRM India Knowledge Center brings together knowledge and expertise in every aspect of HR in one place, for the convenience of the practitioner. Together, the SHRM India Knowledge Center resources enable and equip the HR professional of today to deliver in the current work context as well as meet future challenges.

The purpose of the SHRM India Knowledge Center is two-fold – to Support and Advance the Human Resource Profession.    In line with our Philosophy ‘Knowledge is not enough, application counts,’ we offer HR professionals a unique platform to sharpen and build their HR competencies while on the job.

Our cutting-edge resources, across all the key and emerging HR disciplines include:


  • HR Disciplines

Our repository of global and India based articles and research on our knowledge portal provides a go-to resource for HR professionals to update themselves on current and emerging workplace issues and their implications for HR.


  • Subject Matter Experts

The SHRM India Knowledge Center has a bank of over 50 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These leading lights in the field of HR have extensive and diverse experience in industry, consulting and academics both, within the country and around the world. Our SME Advisory Panels are sources of real time advice and knowledge on all aspects of HR. SME's also contribute towards SHRM’s mission of supporting and advancing the profession by participating in Virtual Events, providing expertise to the ‘Ask an HR Advisor’ Service, partnering Capability Building, Thought Leadership and Advocacy.


  • Ask an HR Advisor

HR professionals can receive assistance from our full time HR Advisors, on any HR issues or questions via e-mail. The HR Advisors draw on the SHRM body of knowledge and research, advice from a bank of over 50 Subject Matter Experts and their own professional expertise


  • Express Requests

Express Request (ER) is a self-service, online benefit that allows SHRM members to request and receive information on a variety of burning HR topics directly in their inbox. To get an immediate response via e-mail, a member can just click on the topic on which he needs information.


  • Tools and Templates

The SHRM India Knowledge Center regularly develops reference content on our website for members. This encompasses a collection of step-by-step instructional How-To-Guides designed to walk an HR Professional through the practical process of how to complete a particular HR process, Toolkits, Sample HR Forms and Policies and other resources across all disciplines to help HR practitioners address day-to-day tasks, leaving them with more time to focus on their strategic objectives.


  • Virtual Events

Our Virtual Events, such as On-line Chats and Webinars, leverage technology to provide expertise to HR professionals across locations at minimal costs. All past Virtual Events are archived on our knowledge portal for easy access.


  • Research

The SHRM India Knowledge portal provides a repository of in-depth and groundbreaking global and India specific research conducted either in-house or in collaboration with external Subject Matter Experts. Our research papers provide HR practitioners with valuable insights on current challenges as well as help identify and anticipate emerging areas, future challenges and NEXT practices - keeping them ahead of the curve at all times.