Human Capital Standards and Analytics

As we move to the intelligence age, organizations are realizing the need to measure the return on human capital, leading to the emergence of the new discipline of Human Capital Standards and Analytics. This discipline deals with developing standards for measurement of human capital to enable organizations to build the foundation for strategic advantage, using predictive or leading business indicators that can inform the business leaders’ strategic planning and decisions. This discipline emphasizes creating minimum but effective HR Standards and Human Capital Analytics that all organizations and HR professionals can use to measure the value of an organization’s people and also take measures to improve them, for the purpose of enhancing organizational performance. The focus is on effective Human Capital Management, linking it to organization performance, workforce effectiveness, productivity and measures that have a wider impact on the organization and help link Human Capital Performance to organizational performance.


A view on ‘Workforce Planning’ one of the key beneficiary of HR analytics and how it is embraced by the fraternity.

The workforce capacity planning is about developing human resource with necessary skills to deliver effective services in the future. Unless an organization can develop and well manage skilled people it will find it difficult to keep pace with the in

Linkages Exist between HR analytics & Precise Action Plans

Deep links subsist between strategic organizational outcomes and HR initiatives, which serve to transform human capital from a partner to a player role with an ability to score.

Perspectives on Human Capital Analytics– Technology and Use of metrics

Automating human capital processes allows HR to focus on high value activities like analyzing human capital data and better enabling business strategy.

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How to measure training effectiveness

How to Measure Training Effectiveness

Good old times
In good old pre-recession times, training was more of a good-to-do- initiative. The job of training department was more of providing an enriching experience to the employees, sometimes even compared to a paid holiday! ...

Training Cost Per Employee

The role of employee training and development is becoming more important as companies are increasingly relying on the knowledge, skills and abilities of their human capital to drive firm performance. According to the SHRM Employee Development Survey Report, the top three methods that are used most frequently for employee development are generic...

How to create an HR Scorecard?

The HR scorecard is created from the primary principles that percolate down from the overall Organizational scorecard. Typically organizations use the Balanced Scorecard approach for the same.

The HR scorecard focuses on clearly linking and defining the organization’s strategic business goals. It also guides and provides a direct line of...


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