HR and Social Media

Social Media has emerged as a powerful business and HR tool. This discipline deals with selecting appropriate Social Media sites and formats from the myriad options available and leveraging the same to create value for the organization. This requires an in-depth understanding of the key benefits and pitfalls of Social Media and managing these effectively in the organization’s context. This discipline emphasizes harnessing social media for effective Human Resource Management, which includes recruitment, collaboration and engagement. It also explores the non financial impact as well as the approaches for measuring the return on investment in Social Media. In addition, it outlines the future trends and implications of Social Media for HR professionals.


Which Is Best For HR Consultants—LinkedIn or Google+?

HR consultants now find themselves faced with a big decision—stick with LinkedIn or become engaged with Google+? Or both?

Give Employees with Disabilities an Assist

A new generation of tools offers a variety of low-cost accommodation options for workers with diabilities.

Time to Revamp Your Social Media Policy

Set clear expectations about social media use, but beware of being intrusive.

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IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines

Blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds and social media

In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. These guidelines aimed to provide helpful, practical advice—and also to protect both IBM bloggers and IBM itself, as the company sought to embrace the...

Managing and Leveraging Workplace Use of Social Media



This article provides an overview of the use of social media by employers and their employees. Topics include common business applications of social networking sites, employee use of social media at work and potential risks of social media in the workplace. The article covers the role of human...


Social media has grown in a big way from originally being a mere flash in the pan to a distinct platform offering business advantage. According to Gartner research, by 2014, ‘For organizations that use social media to promote their products, responding to inquiries via social media channels will be the new minimum level of response expected.’ In...
The numbers are all there The India government has set itself a goal of getting 240 million school children into higher education (even then, moving from the current 12.4% to only 30%).                            ...

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