About Express Requests

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The Express Request (ER) feature is a self-service, online benefit that allows SHRM members to request and receive information on a variety of burning HR topics. To get an immediate response via e-mail, a member can just click on the topic on which he needs information.


  • This is a unique automated offering for members only.
  • Express requests are typically seasonal in nature and related to the calendar of activities that an HR professional would engage in throughout the year. Our Knowledge Advisors analyse and identify the topics periodically based on the live queries they receive at the Knowledge Center.
  • The information provided as part of an ER comprises: a brief description on the topic, comprehensive links to SHRM Content including articles, tools and templates, related reads, books on the topic that can be easily purchased from the SHRM store as also online research, journal or magazines articles.
  • There is no restriction on the number of Express Requests made by a member.


  • Quick and easy access to information on burning HR issues and topics.
  • Convenient, one-stop shopping for comprehensive information on key HR issues.
  • ER responses are available around-the-clock on a range of high interest HR topics.