Tools & Templates

The HR Knowledge Center is developing ready references for members, including sample policies, forms and FAQs, which will be available on the website across HR

This service offering also includes How- To – Guides which are step-by-step instructional guides designed to walk an HR Professional through the practical process of how
to complete a particular HR process.  These guides will help familiarize HR Professionals with the methods used to accomplish practices such as How to Develop a
Business Plan, How to write a Job Description and How to write an Employee Handbook. 

Key Features:

• Toolkits aggregate resources, articles, links, and other practical
information related to a specific HR topic
• This section will be continuously updated by the Knowledge Center team


• Resource Center for HR professionals
• Ready to use templates
• Updated and comprehensive material
• No need to reinvent the wheel on certain common HR topics
• Will enable the HR professional to shift focus from transactional to strategic areas
• Best practices validated by data
• Timesaver for HR professionals