Top 5 HR Trends in 2013

By Rajeshwari Sharma

As businesses move forward in 2013 looking for newer g ...
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doing the marketing and the

doing the marketing and the management to the still achivement. the hr department to the management.

An informative article . I

An informative article . I personally thank the author for articulating her thoughts so well . However , I fail to understand why we do not think of ways to achieve what feel is correct . HR needs to come out of the shadow of talks such as being heard in the board room so and so forth . It is time to act and achieve what we think good for the business. HR professionals need not be a back bencher but be in the front to share more responsibilities . I feel people matter every where and therefore beHR professional need to be more involved along with line managers to solve the growth potential of the organization .

Good read. The last point

Good read. The last point caught my attention. In the organization I work in, data generated on a weekly basis is massive & difficult to sift through. Any suggestions/references of successful Data Analytics practices in the industry?

Thank you for your query. You

Thank you for your query.
You could refer to the below articles or go through our resources under Human Capital Standards and Analytics Discipline

Human Capital Analytics as a Decision Imperative

Critical Success Factors in the Use of Talent Analytics

Winning the People Strategy through Talent Analytics

Transitioning from Transactional HR to Transformational HR using HR Analytics

v good article...v well

v good article...v well timed.

Great Report! Thanks.. Few

Great Report! Thanks..

Few thoughts:

Under Point 1 : So far, the Key role described for HR has been - Managing Human Processes or Facilitating Line Departments. The organization behaviour with the rapid change and evolution now requires HR to be assume the role of a Leader (not just manager or facilitator). A Leader who understand the fundamentals of Human Psychology and Behaviours.

Reason - HR is responsible for the the key constituent of an Organization DNA, the Human (they are intelligent and have life unlike the other 4 constituents). To take responsibility of leading intelligent and empowered humans HR needs to acquire skills beyond that of a manager/facilitator. We need to upskill ourselves and equip ourselves with the knowledge of human psychology and behaviour. This stands equally valid for the people engaged in the operational side of HR for it is not just the mechanical work but driving the humans on the key elements that are required to knit the organization and then keep it strong.

A good read. Gives one an

A good read. Gives one an overall picture of what to expect and key result areas for the industry in the year to come.

Very good article. I think HR

Very good article. I think HR needs to be proactive in having a people startgy in line with business strategy & then executing the same in a seamless manner.

All inputs shared are

All inputs shared are valuable. I can only say that like Finance, Sales & Marketing and other functions are closely SUPPORTED & NURTURED by Top Management, the same is not the case with HR and this may be the single largest factor for keeping still HR far away from Board Room and even if they are in Board Room they are not even heard and their wisdom remains unutilised.
Nothing can improve on a larger scale if Top Management keeps itsself also as a critic of HR.
What Top Management is doing to achieve all that what have been written in this article will remain the deciding factor. Let the Sales & Marketing function also be treated like HR then you can know its impact too.....
I am still very hopeful that things will change although at a slower pace for the good of people and business.

Good article to read and very

Good article to read and very useful for HR professional.

Great to see these

Great to see these achievements! But largely the thoughts and the recognition of the basics are still a farcry!

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