HR Professional’s Love-Hate Equation with the Bell Curve

Abhinaya Chakkirala

The normal curve or the Bell curve is one of the most w ...
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I agree with the views that

I agree with the views that in absence of any other better approach to Performance Manangement, the concept of Bell curve is more practical, coupled with other aspects such as 360 degree, organisationaly defined critical leadership practices etc. regardless of certain known faults.

In many organisations the performance ratings of the employees is the bedrock for getting higer annual increment, performance bonus and also the career development. It is often argued that the Top performers end up getting everything, including the most covated elevation to the higher level; at times even if they are not ready for it or do not posses desired leadership qualities. This is where the major discontent crops up in the minds of the employees not forming the part of top band. On the one hand they are forced in the lower bucket and on the other hand they are shared with relatively lower benefits. 

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