Executive Coaching and Leadership

Leadership relates to providing direction and influencing people to achieve the organization’s vision, mission and goals. This discipline focuses on developing leaders through coaching and developmental activities as well as rewarding and motivating them. The underlying theories, including trait, behavioral and situational, that make for effective leadership are detailed under this discipline, as are Leadership competencies, models and developmental strategies. It also explores specific issues affecting Leadership styles including gender and cross cultural differences and generational characteristics.

Executive Coaching is increasingly being recognized as a high impact approach to helping senior managers master the fundamental principles and practices for achieving extraordinary results and empowering people success. This discipline explores the effectiveness and use of external and internal coaches, defines the building blocks for an effective coaching process and examines the various coaching tools and approaches.

Finally, the discipline outlines the future and implications of Leadership Development in general and Executive Coaching in particular.

This discipline does not cover aspects such as Career Development and Mentoring which are included under Talent Development, Engagement and Retention.