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Social Media Promise for Recruitments


The sourcing of candidates and hiring strategies have experienced a major change since the emergence of social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. At the Hyderabad Forum Meet in April 2012, professor Shantanu Ghosh, Dean, Southstate Business School and internet marketing coach, spoke about the role of social media in the recruitment space and how it can be effectively used by recruiters as well as by candidates.

Building Our Brand Image

How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance


How has talent changed in the last few years of economic changes? What happens when people pull back in cases of negative growth? What lessons were learned during the period of the fall from the go-go economy to the rise from the recession? How do we drive high performance in this new environment? Some of these questions pertinent for business success baffling organizational leaders and HR practitioners were answered in the session on ‘How Smart Companies Unleash Talent for Optimal Performance’ by Dr. William A. Schiemann in SHRM India Forum held in Mumbai on November 27, 2012.

Negotiation and Tight Culture


A friend of mine is a globetrotter who strikes multi-million dollar sales deals and I always find his observations about customers across different geographies interesting. Recently, he pointed out that negotiating with Chinese customers was most challenging. They do not share a lot of information and maintain a ‘poker face,’ which is hard for even the most seasoned salesperson to decode.

Employee Engagement and its Impact on Business Performance


The Gurgaon forum held on July 27, 2012 featured a talk by Amit Khurana of Corporate Access. Amit was Executive Vice President – HR at Yes Bank, till as recently as, May 2012. He has over 17 years of cross-functional experience in all the facets of Human Resources - Business Development, Project Management, Risk and Operations - with companies such as Prudential UK, GE Capital, Fullerton (Temasek, Singapore), New York Life, YES Bank, BNP Paribas Bank, in India and the UK.

Post Appraisal – Role of HR


“If you don’t see yourself as a mentor or leader, then you have yet to fully embrace your role as a modern-day HR practitioner. The era of the glorified paper-pusher is ending as more HR practitioners are stepping out of an administrative function into a strategic advisory role” says Cindy Payle writing for the HR Forum, a website. This observation aptly encapsulates the drift of the talk delivered by Ramona Miranda of PotenciaMentis at the SHRM forum held in Gurgaon on June 29, 2012.

Talent Management: Challenges and Strategies



By Dolly Sandhu

Creating Social and Human Capital to Meet the ‘War for Talent’


Creating both social and human capital to meet the war for talent was the topic at the Bangalore Forum meet held on 17th May 2012. Bill Parsons, Executive Vice President, Human Resources at ARM Holdings plc was invited to deliver this knowledgeable session. Bill Parsons is currently responsible for all aspects of Human Resources at ARM Holdings. He has held this role for the past 12 years. Prior to this, he held HR Directorships at Saga Group Ltd., Hussmann (Europe) Ltd., and Murex Biotech Ltd.

How to Give Feedback to Top Performers


I always plan the feedback discussions that I have with my poor and average performers, but I've seen little written about how to approach these discussions with my top contributors. Could I be doing something differently?

Great Question. I have decided to recruit my friend, Howard Morgan, to answer this one. Howard my co-editor of The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching and Leading Organizational Learning. He is also a former SVP of HR and knows a lot about feedback.

May the Best Professional Prevail!


Have you ever wondered how ‘cannibalisation’ is common between products in the market and professionals in an organisation?

In marketing terms, ‘cannibalisation is the decreased demand for an existing product on account of its vendor releasing a new and similar product.’ For example, when Canon releases a new printer, it realises that older printers will suffer some erosion of sales or market share. That erosion is referred to as cannibalisation.

Can this be relevant to an organisation? Here is a story that tells you how.

Be Flexible, Attract Talent


In this time of economic uncertainty, the pressure to control costs is at a peak. With hiring freezes and layoffs, companies increasingly are asking themselves how to produce the results they need with limited or decreasing human resources.

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