Conceiving viable boundaries for Learning and Development


In WHAT’S NEXT IN LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: REFLECTIONS OF A PRACTITIONER, an article I wrote for SHRM India, amongst other issues, I reflected on ‘boundaries.’

True Inclusion – what is it?


As a consultant in Diversity and Inclusion, I am often asked with curiosity, sometimes even accusingly, “Why do you draw attention to differences? By doing that, are you not actually making people more conscious and cautious of each other? Why can’t we treat everyone the same without this fuss - that way we will all be fair and equal?” 

This is an intuitively compelling argument and to an extent, provokes us to think. 

Focus Benefits More on Men for Gender Equality


If we are serious about gender equality at senior levels of organisations, men, not women, should be the focus of increased family-friendly workplace benefits.


The Case Of The Missing Work Ethic


I was sitting with the CEO of a mid-size organisation a couple of weeks ago. We were discussing the big challenge - execution of strategy to achieve business results - facing all CEOs today, irrespective of the country they operate in. I have spoken to many CEOs about this challenge while working with their leadership teams to facilitate their execution and achieving business results. They all agree that accountability is a huge barrier to successful execution. And this is true not just in India but all over the world. This CEO expressed the same thoughts about accountability.

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