Unleashing Women Talent in the Workplace


My formative school years in India were spent in a Tamil (a local Indian language) medium school. During fifth grade, I was smitten by the English language and what it meant to be able to converse fluently in it.

Coaching the "Uncoachables": Forget About It!


Even if you are the best coach in the world, if the person you are coaching shouldn't be coached, the coaching isn't going to work. The good news is that the "uncoachables" are easier than you think to spot. How do you know when someone is uncoachable? How do you detect a lost cause?

Following are four indicators that you are dealing with one of these people:

1. She doesn't think she has a problem.

I am God .. said the Interviewer


Nothing less. The power to make or break. The power to evaluate, pass judgement. Hold the future of a human-being in the palm of the hand.

Act superior. Look down upon. Condescending to agree, but ...yes; always with a 'but'.

The person across the table may be better-read, more qualified, proficient ..and is really sitting there because 'we need the talent' in the first place. Talent that we are losing. Talent that is hard to find. And we have also  done the 1st and 2nd short-lists ourselves.

Living in the Gen Y Era


 End of Corporate Totalitarianism & Beginning of a Democratic Culture

HR Holds the Keys to Driving Innovation


ATLANTA--Traditional definitions of the word "innovation" tend to be just a bit too narrow and constrictive, according to HR consultant Susan R. Meisinger, SPHR.

Meisinger led the mega session "HR's Role in Driving Innovation" on June 25, during the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2012 Annual Conference and Exposition, held here June 24-27. She told audience members that they needed to think of innovation as more than just generating new ideas, processes and products.

BEST PRACTICES IN RETAINING TALENT: A Discussion between PSUs and Private Sectors

Welcome to my first blog post… about our Gurgaon forum... by a debut blogger in a debut role of handling forums! Well, let me share something about the forum meet that we had a couple of days back on a highly engaging topic – talent retention.

Agenda Ahead in the Gen Y Era: Psychological Contracting with the Gen Y for Superior Performance

(The following is the summary of the speech made by Dr Palan, Ph. D, A.P.T – Chairman & CEO, SMR Technologies Berhad, Malaysia on Sept 25, 2010 at the ‘Leading in the Gen Y Era’ conference in Chennai)
My son stood beside me as I studied the grades on his report card.
I looked up to him and said, “You could have done better. If your friend can perform better than this, even you can. You have all the things that he does. Your grades should be equal too”

Employability.. Global Game-Changer ?

The numbers are all there
The India government has set itself a goal of getting 240 million school children into higher education (even then, moving from the current 12.4% to only 30%).

6 Questions For Better Coaching


In my work with senior leaders, I have found that one of the most common complaints of direct reports is that their executives do a poor job of providing coaching. This perception has been validated in reviewing the 360-degree feedback scores for executives in 30 major corporations. The item "provides effective coaching when needed" consistently scores in the "bottom 10" of all items when direct reports evaluate their executives.

Social Media is Changing the Way People Manage Their Careers and Organizations

Recently we had the SHRM India Mumbai and Pune forum focusing on Social media. The kind of information shared by Mahesh Murty and Rajiv Dingra was an eye opener for anyone struggling with strategic and tactical questions on the impact of social on HR.!
We tried a new format for the Forum, where we had an open discussion on HR and Social Media, making sure our subject matter experts were able to answer as many questions as possible. Following are some highlights of the most popular questions: