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Attendees photoAnd diversity was not just limited to participants but also extended to speakers and topics. The session opened with an interview-style interaction with Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Chairman, Baroda Pioneer Asset Company and former Chairman and Managing director, Bank of Baroda (BoB) and a pioneer of the HRD revolution in public sector banks. In conversation with SHRM India’s Rajesh Kamath, Anil Khandelwal, shared how his focus on two critical factors: marginalizing Unions and creating passionate employees. One of his leadership mantras included asking his reports – “ How can I help you achieve what you always wanted to?” He emphasized that throughout his career with BoB and Dena Bank, how as an HR professional at heart, he believed that HR always needs to deliver to demonstrate.

The next hour and a half had almost everybody in the audience was hooked to cosmic adventures. Dr. Sudip Bhattacharyya, Scientist, TIFR, NASA Space Science Achievement Awardee , 2007 and credited with a latestRegistration photo Astronomical breakthrough (How to weigh Neutron Stars), used his personal example how a Research Mindset is critical. He threw light on the fact that Research may not always start with an objective of benefiting humans but is likely to have a deep positive impact on mankind.

Post-lunch session commenced with an animated interaction with Pranesh Anthapur, Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo! India R&D, formerly VP for Yahoo!'s international HR and HR mergers and acquisitions group in Sunnyvale. Using the “story-telling” style to good effect, Pranesh mainly drew from his own experiences in dealing with HR dilemmas. He also provoked thought by raising the issue of growing digital divide – between the Technological haves and have-nots!

Steve Miranda photoUp next was Steven Miranda, SPHR, GPHR, Chief HR and Content Integration Officer at Society for Human Resource Management. Through stories and illustrations, Steve Miranda spoke about the seven deadly sins of HR and the things to avoid as a HR professional. A highly engaged audience learnt lessons such as “never to form an opinion without doing one’s Homework” and “not to take a position of advocacy without assuming accountability.”

The closing session by leading motivational speaker, corporate trainer and author Priya Kumar literally had everybody on fire. Priya Kumar took participants through a “firewalking” experience to ignite change in life, overcome fear and motivate oneself to succeed. She brought out the linkage between the firewalk and the day’s learning with great dexterity.

At the end of the day, participants expressed – “ I came, I learnt, I conquered….my fears!” 

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