Advisory Services


SHRM India’s focus is to give world class and globally recognized Advisory services to organizations in the Indian sub-continent using its vast and well researched body of knowledge, as well as a highly experienced and client focused team. We offer HR Capability Development solutions to organizations. SHRM’s approach to building the capabilities of HR departments focuses on the development of the individual capabilities and competencies of HR practitioners. We believe that a combination of strongly embedded individual capabilities leads to a highly competent HR function. The advisory services have been derived from over 60 years of thought leadership and research.

The SHRM India teams work with organizations to customize a comprehensive approach to develop people capabilities. Our access to the best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and knowledge as well as research sources, gives us a unique position to support organizations in enhancing their people effectiveness.  

Apart from building capabilities of HR teams and a long-term approach to HR capability development, we also offer in-house learning and development initiatives for different career levels and functional areas as well as tailor-made programs for individual organizations on a need basis.

Our services include:

  • Talent Assessment
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Development
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • HR Certification Programs 

How we are different?

  • World-class instructional design capability
  • Renowned learning and delivery facilitation
  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Certification standards and processes for Subject matter Experts as well as empaneled learning partners
  • Globally researched and ‘Next-level’ practices
  • In-depth client diagnosis and solution customization
  • Superior project management capability