Our Key Offerings


As a membership based professional organization for HR practitioners at any level of their career, SHRM Membership makes you a part of a global community of over 275,000 members from more than 140 countries.
Our membership provides you a host of additional benefits that will give you an edge in your profession. 
The go-to-resource for comprehensive information on HR
As a member, you have complete access to comprehensive Online Resources, which provide rich content on both www.shrmindia.org and www.shrm.org.  You will have at your disposal a huge repository of Articles, Research Papers, Case Studies and related material on every aspect of HR within the Indian and global contexts. Members get special access to restricted content not available to the public. The websites also link to social media, provide up-to-date information on events and are the gateway to the Knowledge Center, virtual events and advisory panels. 

Pick the brain of someone in HR at any time of the day

On the special community networking platforms available only to members, you can start discussions on HR and management issues with SHRM members globally or start your own private group where you can share information among a select group. HR Talk is a peer-to-peer platform that can help you clarify queries, network with HR professionals around the world, learn about and share current HR practices. SHRM Connect, SHRM’s social initiative, is dedicated to HR professionals. It enables you to interact with SHRM members in India and around the world, join communities of interest, participate in discussion groups and post content to your very own HR-related blog.

Advance in your career

As a SHRM Member, you can avail of special rates for PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, HRMP® and HRBP® Certifications and join a special group of more than 115,000 HR professionals across the world. The member discounts are applicable to the exam fee and learning materials.

HR certification, a widely accepted symbol of professional achievement, will demonstrate your mastery of the HR body of knowledge.  It will show your peers, employees and the organization that you have mastered the core HR principles and are dedicated to staying current in your profession. Being certified in HR will open doors to new levels of responsibility and endless opportunities to advance your career.

Advisory Services
SHRM India’s Advisory Services offer HR Capability Development solutions to organizations operating in India and around the world. SHRM’s approach to building the capabilities of HR departments focuses strongly on the development of the individual capabilities and competencies of HR practitioners. This initiative is firmly rooted in over 60 years of thought leadership and research. 
The SHRM India teams work with organizations to customize a comprehensive approach to developing their HR teams and building a long-term approach to HR capability development. We also offer in-house learning and development initiatives for different career levels and functional areas and customize programs for individual organizations on a need basis.  
Corporate Solutions, building capability development structures and initiatives for organizations form the core of SHRM India’s Advisory Services. 

HR certification demonstrates mastery of the HR body of knowledge and is widely accepted as a symbol of professional achievement. It is a career-long commitment that shows peers, employees and the organization that the professional has mastered the core HR principles and is dedicated to staying current in his or her profession. It is an achievement that opens the door to a new level of responsibility and endless opportunities. 
Benefits of Certification
Earning the PHR, SPHR, GPHR, HRMP or HRBP credential demonstrates that the practitioner is committed to a higher standard, even as it gives him or her a competitive edge in today’s economy.
By becoming certified in HR, practitioners:

  • Show they know the most current principles and core practices of HR management
  • Become more marketable when they compete for top HR positions
  • Raise their professional confidence among their staff and peers 
  • Develop their own skills and knowledge by studying the latest best practices and applicable HR around the world
  • Make their résumé stand out from other job applicants. One out of two recruiters prefer those with HR certification
  • Earn recognition from their organization. Business leaders find HR certified professionals to be more self-motivated 
  • Connect to an elite network of motivated HR professionals around the globe. More than 108,000 certified HR professionals work in more than 70 countries and territories  

Certification as PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, HRMP® and HRBP®
SHRM, in collaboration with the globally acclaimed HR Certification Institute, has developed a HR Certification Program with a view to equipping HR professionals with better skills. It offers three certifications:

  • PHR® (Professional in Human Resources)
  • SPHR® (Senior Professional in Human Resources)
  • GPHR® (Global Professional in Human Resources)
  • HRMP® (Human Resource Management Professional)
  • HRBP® (Human Resource Business Professional)

Forums & Events
The SHRM India Forums are evolved “learning stations” for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking. This is a distinctive platform not only for understanding best practices, but also for proactively creating ‘next’ practices. These Learning Stations are led by the practitioners, for the practitioners. 
Forums are held in many locations, with new ones being added constantly – so members can attend Forums, no matter where they are in the country. Content discussed in other Forums is available through the website.

  • Networking with diverse professionals
  • Opportunities to participate in live projects
  • Sessions with industry experts and SHRM global thought leaders
  • A platform for your voice 
  • Sharing and learning best practices
  • Mapped across the nation, there is always a Forum near you
  • A wide variety of highly interactive sessions, which include Group Work, Panel Discussions, Expert Sessions and Workshops.
  • Leadership opportunities through the Steering Committee
  • Complimentary discounts for professional development programs
  • Opportunities to collaborate on research

The SHRM India Knowledge Center
The SHRM India Knowledge Center brings together knowledge and expertise in every aspect of HR in one place, for the convenience of the practitioner. Together, the SHRM India Knowledge Center resources enable and equip the HR professional of today to deliver in the current work context as well as meet future challenges.
The purpose of the SHRM India Knowledge Center is two-fold – to support and advance the Human Resource Profession. In line with our philosophy ‘Knowledge is not enough, application counts,’ we offer HR professionals a unique platform to sharpen and build their HR competencies while on the job.
Our cutting-edge resources, across all the key and emerging HR disciplines include:

HR Disciplines

Our repository of global and India based articles and research on our knowledge portal provides a go-to resource for HR professionals to update themselves on current and emerging workplace issues and their implications for HR.

Subject Matter Experts

The SHRM India Knowledge Center has a bank of over 50 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). These leading lights in the field of HR have extensive and diverse experience in industry, consulting and academics both, within the country and around the world. Our SME Advisory Panels are sources of real time advice and knowledge on all aspects of HR. SMEs also contribute towards SHRM’s mission of supporting and advancing the profession by participating in Virtual Events, providing expertise to the ‘Ask an HR Advisor’ service, and partnering in capability building, thought leadership and advocacy.

Ask an HR Advisor
HR professionals can receive assistance from our full time HR Advisors, on any HR issues or questions via e-mail. The HR Advisors draw on the SHRM body of knowledge and research, their own professional expertise and advice from a bank of over 50 Subject Matter Experts.

Express Requests

Express Request (ER) is a self-service, online benefit that allows SHRM members to request and receive information on a variety of burning HR topics directly in their inbox. To get an immediate response via e-mail, a member can just click on the topic on which he needs information.

Tools and Templates

The SHRM India Knowledge Center regularly develops reference content on our website for members. This encompasses a collection of step-by-step instructional How-To-Guides designed to walk an HR Professional through the practical process of how to complete a particular HR process, Toolkits, Sample HR Forms and Policies and other resources across all disciplines to help HR practitioners address day-to-day tasks, leaving them with more time to focus on their strategic objectives.

Virtual Events

Our Virtual Events, such as On-line Chats and Webinars, leverage technology to provide expertise to HR professionals across locations at minimal costs. All past Virtual Events are archived on our knowledge portal for easy access.


The SHRM India Knowledge portal provides a repository of in-depth and groundbreaking global and India specific research conducted either in-house or in collaboration with external Subject Matter Experts. Our research papers provide HR practitioners with valuable insights on current challenges as well as help identify and anticipate emerging areas, future challenges and NEXT practices - keeping them ahead of the curve at all times.